This is our own site for stories of our time at Wooster.

That time begins with our years together at Wooster. That time continues with our reunions over the past 48 years and with our dreams for the future of Wooster.

WE stories are about our individual experiences at Wooster. And now we are inviting you to add stories about your life since Wooster. You can send us the same info and photos you submitted to the Meno memory book or create new info.

WOOSTER stories are about what was going on at Wooster when we were there—and since then.

WORLD stories are about what was going on in the world when we were at Wooster.

Take a look at what’s here already and then send in your own stories.

And then come back to read more stories and send more stories.



  1. Lib Westhafer OBrien
    Jan 09, 2015 @ 12:08:32

    A childhood memory is walking to the Chapel with my grandmother (I lived on Beall Ave. where Lowry Center now is) on a snowy December night to listen to Delbert Lean, Speech, read Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. I still hear his resonating voice fill the chapel “OLD MARLEY WAS AS DEAD AS A DOORNAIL”. Other Christmases we listened to it on a 78 record. Wooster always looked great at night in the snow…the lights, the pines…as long as one was dressed warmly! Did you ever skate on Miller’s pond? Or on the pond between Wagner and Compton?


  2. Walt Hopkins
    Jan 09, 2015 @ 15:53:20

    Thanks, Lib!

    I’ve also posted this note as a comment on my post for December 1964 when I invited half a dozen friends up to Aunt Sarah’s house to listen to Dr. Lean read the Carol on those 78 records!


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